Knowledge of the Québec consumer
We have a unique ability to turn our knowledge of the Québec consumer into actionable insights that can help companies develop, manage, grow and protect their brands in Québec. We go beyond the clichés about Québec consumers to discover basic human truths that can be leveraged to drive successful strategies. Importantly, we understand Québec in the broader national and global context to ensure efficient use of our clients’ marketing resources.

Brand building expertise
We bring a brand-based perspective to our clients’ critical business issues in Québec. Our recommendations to define, differentiate, and position a brand or family of brands follow classic branding principles while every step of our process incorporates key learning about consumers, competitors and market trends unique to Québec.

Marketing communications resources
We offer our clients best-in-class creative and production resources to develop and implement advertising, interactive, social media, promotional, experiential, and sponsorship programs in Québec.