Headspace Marketing is a strategic consulting firm committed to building great brands in Québec.

We work closely with clients to address the unique challenges and opportunities they face in the Québec market. Our deep knowledge of the Québec consumer combined with our brand-building expertise provides our clients with a true competitive advantage in a market that's, at times, misunderstood and often underexploited.

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Since our inception in 2004, clients have trusted us to help them build some of Canada's most respected brands in Québec. Here are a few of those brands and some of the work we created or adapted for them.

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Knowing when to adopt, adapt or create for Québec.

Successful brands in Québec have either adapted to the market
differences or capitalized on market similarities with the rest of Canada. Whether marketers choose to adopt or adapt a national approach or pursue a separate strategy for Québec, they must be sensitive to the unique socio-cultural characteristics of the market.

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To discuss how we might help you build your brands in Québec,
contact Éric Blais - President at 416.221.3770 ext 221.  email

For job enquiries or to offer your freelance services, email general@headspacemarketing.com.  email

To send us files confidentially, use Webcargo.

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